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Eaton Cutler-Hammer Quick Selector
Mfg: Eaton Published: 1995 Version: 25-000 1492 pages
Break Control Electronic Motor ... Drives Relays and ... Magnetic Shoe Brakes . Magnetic Starters - Main Breaker Panels High Interrupting Capacity, Type BR . AA-32 ... Message Display Units, Programmable. . R-12 Meter Breaker Panels . BB-1 Meter Centers . BB-5 Meter Socket Panels . . . . . . ... Add to My Library
Automation Catalog LV Variable Frequency Drives
Mfg: Weg Published: 2018 Version: US300.07/2017 162 pages
WEG Automation Catalog LV Variable Frequency Drives and Soft Starters US300.07/2017 ... -IOADR includes InfraRed receiver with 1.5 meter cable and InfraRed remote control ... Enclosure Control Control Inputs and Outputs ... Degree of Protection Control Mode Power Output Switching Frequency Add to My Library
Residential Products - Type BR Loadcenters
Mfg: Eaton Published: 1995 Version: MB-4038A 59 pages
Cutler-Hammer Residential Products Type BR Loadcenters Power Outlet Panels Single Meter Sockets WCG Meter Breaker Panels WCG Multiple Metering ... mm ... Maximum Main Loadcenter Catalog Number© Wiring ... Main Breaker, Main Lug, Mod/Line - With Copper Bus ... Circuit Breaker Main Rating 30A Add to My Library
CH Meter Breakers
Mfg: Eaton Published: 2000 Version: SA.31F.01.S.E 4 pages
Meter Mains consist of a meter socket and main breaker in one enclosure, which will feed an interior loadcenter. ... All-In-Ones have a meter socket and a loadcenter (circuit breaker distribution section) located in one enclosure. ... R Ring Style Meter Mains Main Branch Breaker Breaker MLO Add to My Library
Meter Sockets & Enclosures
Mfg: Durham Co Published: Version: Catalog 92 pages
Socket Breaker Transfer Switch with Metering Provision ... . Meter Socket Transfer Switches 47 ... . Meter Socket Pad Mount Transfer Switches 50 ... Meter Socket Pad Mounted Transfer Switch Burial Sleeves Breaker or Switch Enclosures ... . Meter Socket Option Codes Wiring Diagrams 83-85 Add to My Library
Retail Solutions Catalog
Mfg: Eaton Published: 2005 Version: Retail Solutions 222 pages
SKUs Increase your overall profitability WHY EATON? Eaton is a premier provider of ... Put our expertise to work for you! Circuit Breakers Loadcenters Meter Breakers Metering ... 4 Hold-Down Kits: Devices used to secure the circuit breaker to the loadcenter for back-feed main application. Add to My Library
HVAC  Main Catalog
Mfg: ABB Published: 2005 Version: 1SXU 133 018 C0201 132 pages
General ... Description Start-stop pushbutton Fwd-rev-stop pushbutton 2 position selector switch (Std. ... Type N control relay (4 pole) N.O. Phase failure phase reversal with over and undervoltage relays For multi-speed controllers Decelerating timer Meters & metering Elapsed time meter Add to My Library
Meter Mounting Equipment Western Region Area
Mfg: Milbank Published: 2007 Version: WRC 8/07 (10K) 128 pages
METER MAINS AND SERVICE ENTRANCE EQUIPMENT SECTION C ... A 7 Ringl s Mete Pedest ... Hot Tub Disconnect or Sub Panel Breaker Enclosure-Type Sub Panel Breaker Enclosure U4881-O-50G4881-0-50GB ... g typtype e unitunits supplieed witith aan MR-MR-2 snasnap actioaction sealinlin rinring sas ... Add to My Library
Digital Panel Meters
Mfg: Eaton Published: 1997 Version: SA-328 19 pages
... ; 255 programmable addresses; data format: 1 start bit, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit ... E45961 Sensor Break protection Ramp with Dwell or Soak timer for Soft Start ... °F or °C indication Universal Power Supply 90 - 240V AC HeaVCool Control outputs 1 control output as relay, SSR, 4 ... Add to My Library
B-Line Meter Mounting Equipment
Mfg: Cooper B-Line Published: 2000 Version: MTR-00: 15700 208 pages
Section 3 Meter Mains - Without Bypass Section 4 ... The meter sockets shown in this section have certain short circuit current ratings when used ... Note: This table does not apply to meter-breaker units or to CT rated sockets ... 1 8 Mete r Main s Withou t Bypas s 10 0 Am p Self-Contained Add to My Library
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