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ILME Multipole Connectors
Mfg: Mencom Published: 2012 Version: CN 12 544 pages
... connection techniques are avail able: screw, crimp or flexible spring connections. ... CNE SCREW contacts CSH - SQUICH® ... 0 Captive insert fastening screws, with anti-slack ening spring washer or under-head ... - connector on a module-constructed machine, which is opened only for transport ... Add to My Library
Electrical Power Connectors Tools and Accessories
Mfg: Penn-Union Published: 2015 Version: CMM-0715 348 pages
Type BLY ... 46 Crimp Splice - with Oil Stop & Standard or Tapered Barrels ... 132 MECHANICAL CONNECTORS Copper Alloy Split Bolt Connectors Types S and SEL ... Bronze Terminal Lugs - Two or Four Hole Tongue with Tandem Set Screws ... . 210 Bronze Conduit Hubs with 360° Swivel Type KLH Add to My Library
Supplemental Catalogue Electrical Connectors
Mfg: Ilsco Published: 2012 Version: C712 57 pages
USEI ... Expanded* Wire Range Bolt Size ... Manufactured from high strength copper Stainless steel 1/4-28 torque screw G ... Holds connector insert in place during installation ... Deep indent crimp lines for easy crimp location. ... Furnished with silicon bronze bolt, nut and lockwasher. Add to My Library
Compression Connectors and Tools
Mfg: ICM Published: 2008 Version: 0908 54 pages
F-Conn connectors provide full 360° electrical continuity even under punishing conditions ... Available screw-on tips include banana, pin and spade. ... 1/2" socket fits LRC seal nut fittings and Gilbert TAC fittings. ... Features Easy crimp of RJ11 & RJ45 plugs Blade wire stripper included. Add to My Library
Compression Connectors and Tooling Systems
Mfg: ICM Published: 2010 Version: Cat-Mini10 48 pages
^ **r. ... Showroom Packaging 6 F-Conn Compression Connectors Universal Compression Connectors 8 ... CPCAT5-PDT Punch Down Tool 30 CPRJ11-45 Strip/Crimp Tool 30 Compression Tool and Connector Kits 31-32 Installation Tools & Accessories ... NO screws, keys or other adjustment pieces to manage Add to My Library
Connectors, Compression Tools & Accessories
Mfg: Penn-Union Published: 2010 Version: MC 2010 200 pages
... FR6, MT6, B8, TY, MTY) Penn Crimps Terminal Kits (Types MK, PK) Penn-Nuts Wire Connectors (Type PN) Penn-Loks Insulation Displacement Connectors (Type PL) ... 153 Comparative Listings (Crimps, Compression, Bolts, Connectors, Lugs & Splices, Tools, Dies, ... 12 Crimping Groove BG, 5/8, Peach Add to My Library
M Series Pin and Socket Connectors
Mfg: Tyco Electronics Published: 2008 Version: 82003 100 pages
Wide range of connector styles and sizes: standard connectors (unloaded), posted connectors (pre-loaded) and special applica-tion connectors (unloaded) ... is used, an additional four 4-40 screws, nuts and lockwashers are required to secure the ... 11 Connector/Hardware Selection Guide 12 Add to My Library
Compression Connectors and Tooling Systems
Mfg: Belden Published: 2011 Version: 07012011 44 pages
... Leader in True 360º Compression Connectors & Tooling Systems www.icmcorp.net F-Conn Compression Connectors Universal Compression Connectors . ... NO screws, keys or other adjustment pieces to manage ... the wrench from the connector Use to tighten 7/16" F-type fittings T orque inch/pounds ... Add to My Library
Coaxial, Triaxial, Multi & Mixed Connectors
Mfg: Lemo Published: 2010 Version: CT.Len.P0410 36 pages
Precision modular connectors to suit your application ... collet crimp crimp collet ... solder crimp crimp crimp collet ... Fixed socket with 2 round nuts (back panel mounting) Fixed socket, nut fixing, ... fitting a bend relief Elbow (90°) plug for cable crimping Straight plug with resistor Add to My Library
Compression Connectors and Tooling Systems
Mfg: Belden Published: 2012 Version: 09122012 25 pages
5 F-Conn™ Compression Connectors Plenum & Security (CCTV) Compression Connectors ... Screw-on tips (spade, banana, and pin) allow for quick connector format conversion ... Connector Description 50 Ohm Connector 50 Ohm BNC Connector ... Cut, Strip and Crimp, without changing tools or die sets Add to My Library
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