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Ventilation Fans
Mfg: NuTone Published: 2013 Version: 99850917B 48 pages
Ventilation Fans MAY 2013 ... From the spot ventilation and heating solutions listed above to our beautiful ceiling fans, trust ... Exit vents should have backdraft flaps to help keep cold air from entering the duct. ... NuTone bath fans, utility fans and high capacity fans meet these needs. Add to My Library
Pentair Specifier Guide Vol 10
Mfg: Hoffman Published: 2013 Version: Cat-00004H Vol 10 308 pages
From standard fan assemblies to air conditioners, heat exchangers to integrated and cooling ... Remote networking Vented front window door ... description Shelf, vented, 19 in. tool-less Shelf, vented, 19 in. tool-less Shelf, vented, 19 in. tool-less Shelf, vented, 19 in. tool-less Finish Add to My Library
Pentair Specifier Guide Vol 3
Mfg: Hoffman Published: 2013 Version: Cat-00048C Vol 3 313 pages
H2OMIT™ Vent Drains . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... enclosures with fresh air include filter fans, fan trays, motorized impellers and ... cooling include air conditioners, air-to-air heat exchangers, air-to-water heat exchangers, thermoelectric coolers and vortex coolers. Add to My Library
Ultra Series Ventilation Fans
Mfg: NuTone Published: 2013 Version: 99850899D 20 pages
... unhealthy pollutants stay trapped inside unless they are mechanically vented away. ... fans that are protected by dampers, to protect against the spread of heat and flame. ... ceilings with ducted fans. Ultra™ Series Fans and Fan/lights ULTRA™ Series Fans Model XN50, XN80, XN110, ZN80, ZN110 Add to My Library
Concord Fans and Lighting
Mfg: Luminance Published: 2013 Version: 2013 Cat 70 pages
Ceiling Fans . 1-39 Pilot DC-155.1 Decca .2 Valore .3 Primera .4 Garvin .5 Xia .6 Linden .7 Brookport .8 Saturn-EX .9 Aracruz .10 Saturn.11 Skylark .12 Stargate .13 ... 5 Blade 60” & 70” Roosevelt Fans Motor Size: 212mm X 28mm ... 5-1/2” Height Only use on 52” Nautika Fans UL Wet Location Add to My Library
Eliwell Product Catalogue
Mfg: Invensys Published: 2013 Version: CT123177 90 pages
... cold/hot thermostats 32x74 refrigeration thermostats 32x74 thermostats 32x74 cold/hot thermostats PID 32x74 cold/hot thermostats Temperature, humidity, pressure ... single-phase fans Power modules to control speed of fans Speed controllers for three-phase fans Speed controllers for single- ... Add to My Library
Product Catalog Ventilation Solutions
Mfg: Fantech Published: 2013 Version: 483760 Edition 1 212 pages
Bathroom Grilles Exterior Mount Bath Fans 6 Heat Recovery Ventilators Energy Recovery Ventilators ... 184 Wall Mount Cabinet Fans Axial Fans Propeller Exhaust Fans Shutter Mounted Fans Air Curtains ... Relax ... alternative when space is an issue or direct venting to the outside is required. Add to My Library
Ventilation Fans and Industrial Lighting
Mfg: TPI Corp Published: 2013 Version: 010113-001 61 pages
TPI Industrial Assembled Maximum Duty Circulators ... Motor Specifications Note: 1/3 and 1/4 HP fans Totally enclosed ... 4800 TPI Commercial Oscillating Fans AMPS ... Commercial wall mount and pedestal fans now available from TPI. ... 115/230V-60Hz Tubeaxial Belt Drive Duct Fans Belt guards Add to My Library
Product Selection Guide
Mfg: WattStopper Published: 2013 Version: 41301 rev 82013 510 pages
A1 ... and other points are continuously monitored through the energy management system.The system spots deviations from expected fl ows and writes its own work orders.Tying motion sensors to HVAC to reduce heating or cooling empty conference rooms alone conserved some 300,000 kWh per year.” Add to My Library
Enclosure Solutions Product Catalog
Mfg: Agilent Technologies Published: 2013 Version: 5980-0450E 46 pages
The vented rear door also helps reduce the heat captured within the rack. ... For greater heat dissipation, an optional easy to install top-mounted extractor fan ... Hinge Vented, Lockable ... ► Extractor Fans – 200 cfm Extractor fans are used to increase air flow through the rack cabinet. Add to My Library
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