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Advance Control Compatibility Guide
Mfg: Philips Published: 2012 Version: EL-2100-AB-E 24 pages
Compatible with Controls from 40+ Manufacturers. Wall Dimmer Wall dimmers enable users to set the desired light level by manually increasing or ... Leviton D3200 Self Contained Dimming System Leviton a-2000 Dimmer System Leviton MDS Dimmer System Leviton Centura Fluorescent Control System® Add to My Library
RSA ComboLight Surface and Suspended Mount
Mfg: Cooper Ltg Published: 2012 Version: ASA120456 19 pages
15% with electronic low voltage equipment (ELV dimmers need a neutral connection in the wall box) Recommended ELV Dimmers: Lutron ... Skylark: SELV Series Leviton Acenti: ... 4 26W PLT 5 32W PLT 6 42W PLT ... 40.40" *42 PLT * 100W models slightly longer - consult spec sheets for details Add to My Library
Basic Devices and Single Space Systems
Mfg: Lutron Published: 2012 Version: Volume 1 294 pages
Lutron dimmers are designed, tested and UL listed for specific load types up to a ... Lutron® Dimming Ballasts ... Dimmers Preset dimmers Vareo dimmers and switches ® ... plus matching fan controls, switches and wiring devices Exclusive dimmer/switch size opening Slide adjusts light to suit ... Add to My Library
LED StarStrand CounterMax
Mfg: Et2 Published: 2012 Version: LETBRO1208 47 pages
* Requires devices be connected to the same wireless network ... 600mA Wiring Diagram 8 Wiring Diagram on page 34 Digital Rainbow Star Controller ... 5 Wiring Diagram on page 32 Contemporary Lighting ... between 24V Driver and 24V Dimming Controller Female connector on one end with two ... Add to My Library
Fluorescent Ballast and LED Driver
Mfg: Lutron Published: 2012 Version: 367-2248 REV C 51 pages
Lutron dimming ballasts and drivers are designed to maximize the lifetime of the ... Time Lutron | 5 ® ... EcoSystem LED drivers (CE) Tu-Wire® Tu-Wire control is a line-voltage phase control dimming method that uses two wires: Dimmed Hot, which carries the dimming signal; and Neutral. Add to My Library
HomeWorks QS Design and Style Guide
Mfg: Lutron Published: 2012 Version: 367-2017 Rev D 62 pages
2 | Lutron Lutron Home Control+ iPad App ® ® ... Hidden panels eliminate dimmers and switches on the wall ... Tensioned Wired Switches Wireless Dimmers Wired Dimmers Wireless ... result in shade positioning accurate to 1/16 of an inch. Lutron | 59 Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. 7200 Suter Road Add to My Library
Quick Install Energy Solutions
Mfg: Lutron Published: 2012 Version: 367-2110 Rev C 40 pages
WGWS-CPN3688—wire guard for wall-mount and hallwaysensors ... LED drivers, please visit www.lutron.com. Dimming bLutr2on eClear Connect ckets. For more information, see ... Easy to install, wireless communication between devices means no additional wiring required Button press programming to ... Add to My Library
Solutions Volume 8
Mfg: Day-Brite Published: 2012 Version: Volume 8 1281 pages
Philips Day-Brite-Architectural ... Electro-Connect is the Philips Day-Brite modular wiring system. ... LRD3O0O/31O0O Series Wall Mounted Dimming System LCU2420 - Dimmer Power Extender LCU2425/LCU2430 Dimmer Power Extenders LCU2435 Dimmer Power Extenders Philips Day-Brite, Solutions ... Add to My Library
Energi Savr Node with Softswitch
Mfg: Lutron Published: 2012 Version: 367-2016 Rev C 19 pages
voltage wiring and to wireless devices through the QS sensor module ... 2 Lutron wired occupancy/vacancy sensors ® ... switching, stepped dimming, and continuous dimming of multiple zones RoHS compliant ... handheld remote, or it can be wall-mounted with or without a Lutron® Claro® wallplate Add to My Library
Maestro CL Dimmer
Mfg: Lutron Published: 2012 Version: 367-2352 Rev A 4 pages
with Lutron ", The Lutron Solution to Lighting Changes Many common incandescent lamps are ... Lutron C·L dimmers are UL listed for controlling a broad range of dimmable CFLs and LEOs, ... based on replacing a switch with a Lutron C.L dimmer and replacing your incandescent bulbs with dimmable ... Add to My Library
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