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Dwyer Instrumentation & Control
Mfg: Dwyer Published: 2010 Version: Cat. 09/09 604 pages
Courteous and professional customer service representa tives are available via phone or email to process and pro vide assistance with your order. Liability under this war ranty is limited to repair or replacement EXW Ex Works Dwyer Instruments, Inc of any parts which prove to be defective within that time or repayment of the purchase price at the Seller's option provided the instruments have been returned, transportation prepaid, within one year from date of purchase. Add to My Library
Instrumentation and Control
Mfg: Dwyer Published: 2007 Version: Catalog 2007 500 pages
A vane operated flow switch is a device which utilizes the force exerted on a vane inserted in a flowing fluid to actuate an elec tric switch at a predetermined rate of flow. The electric switch may be used to start or stop pumps, open or close valves, actu ate a warning lamp, sound an alarm, etc. W.E. Anderson® and Dwyer® flow switches are suitable for ap plication with a variety of process fluids. Add to My Library
Industrial & Process Instrumentation
Mfg: Dwyer Published: 2006 Version: E-60-M 184 pages
Mercoid came into existence when a young independent inventor with an innovative switch design needed a manufacturer for his idea. The switch with its ingenious design became an instant success and has lasted over eighty years through its evolution into the present D Series Pressure Control. Today Mercoid is much more than mercury switches with almost all products being available with snap switches. Add to My Library
Building Automation
Mfg: Dwyer Published: 2008 Version: CT-BA 132 pages
Dwyer Instruments, Inc. produces a broad range of competitively priced precision instru-ments for measuring, transmitting and controlling pressure, temperature, level and flow. Many of these instruments are widely known by their individual brand names, such as The company has since added three more Indiana facilities—in Wakarusa, Kingsbury and Wolcott—as well as manufacturing facilities in Anaheim, California; Fergus Add to My Library
Love Controls
Mfg: Dwyer Published: 2008 Version: CT-LC 124 pages
Since starting in a small warehouse in Wheeling, IL in 1970, Love Controls has been a leading innova-tive force in manufacturing temperature controllers. Our technical support professionals are trained to provide you with the answers you need. Installation and operating manuals are available on products that are easily downloadable to your computer or printer. Add to My Library
Measurement and Control
Mfg: Dwyer Published: 2008 Version: CT-DPB 116 pages
In this catalog you will find our most popular products for material handling and processing applications, many of which are designed specifically for use in dust collectors and pneumatic conveying systems. Dwyer started in this industry with our very popular differential pressure gages and switch gages. Add to My Library
Valves & Controls
Mfg: Dwyer Published: 2008 Version: CT-VC 112 pages
Within each valve type Dwyer offers many dif-ferent options so that you can select the proper valve to meet your specific application needs. Maintaining the proper water level in a boiler is critical to its proper operation. Feedwater going into the boiler needs to be controlled to maintain the proper boiler water level. Add to My Library
Proximity Position Indication
Mfg: Dwyer Published: 2008 Version: CT-PC 32 pages
The Ultra-MagTM offers a unique and patented magnetic drive that seals the switch compartment. Building on their experience with magnetic drives, Proximity expanded into position indi-cators in 1977 with the invention of the Mark Series. Title to all material sold shall pass to buyer upon delivery by Seller to carrier at shipping point. Add to My Library