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Industrial Control and Automation
Mfg: IDEC Published: 2012 Version: U910 960 pages
Our meticulous attention to detail and fierce dedication to quality and safety produces products that exceed the highest industry standards. At IDEC, we believe even a simple switch must do more than just turn a piece of equipment on or off, it must deliver an unparalleled experience. The LF1B-N series LED light strips are slim and perfect for applications where space is a concern. Add to My Library
General Catalog
Mfg: IDEC Published: Version: Catalog 910 pages
Now with the MicroSmart Pentra, you get the fastest and most full featured programmable logic controller there is. Up to three high-speed outputs can be used for simple positioning controls for stepper or servo motors. With an average cost of savings of 15 to 40% compared with traditional cabling methods, using an IDEC AS-Interface module is the easy choice. Add to My Library
Idec Industrial Control & Automation Catalog
Mfg: IDEC Published: 2005 Version: U908 806 pages
We are proud of our past success within the industrial control market, yet we must also look toward the future Our new logo symbolizes an evolution from electromechanical control products to automation products. This shift to newer technologies leads us into the next generation of manufacturing automation. Add to My Library
Industrial Automaton Catalog
Mfg: IDEC Published: 2004 Version: U907 796 pages
To build a custom selector switch, follow these steps. Step1: How many positions of the switch are needed? Step 2: How many contacts should there be? Step 4: If building a 2, 4, or 5 position selector, skip this step . (2, 4, 5 position selectors have only one cam) If building a 3 position selector, determine appropriate cam as follows: Look at Row 1 from above table and locate an identical row in the operator truth tables (See next page). Add to My Library
Switches & Pilot Devices
Mfg: IDEC Published: Version: Catalog 240 pages
For more information on this product family, visit our website. Used for tightening plastic locking ring during installation. Allow legends under fl at lenses (included with all fl at lens models). Used to avoid operating the pushbutton inadvertently. Plug-on adaptor with solder terminals, allows easy control unit replacement. Add to My Library
Optical Sensing Devices
Mfg: IDEC Published: 2007 Version: DS9Y-C100-0 116 pages
IDEC controllers offer speed, power, performance and precision, as well as being easy to use, and easy to maintain. Just a simple, ready-made solution that won’t require time you don’t have to give. Instead, save time with a reliable product that gives you faster response, better throughput, and less downtime. Add to My Library
Relays, Sockets, Timers General Catalog
Mfg: IDEC Published: 1988 Version: # 8002 9th Print 95 pages
Diagonal terminal arrangement design provides simple wiring and easy serviceability. Can mount snap-fit contact blocks housings and screw-mount contact and transformer units. Power saving by 4/5 as compared with IDEC 41/64" dia 1W incan descent lamp units. Marking is available on flat lens units. Add to My Library
Safety One
Mfg: IDEC Published: 2009 Version: EP1290-1 48 pages
Enabling switches, emergency stop switches, light curtains, and other safety products are used to provide safety, and the EN954-1: SafetyOne can monitor and evaluate the safety information from the safety products most effectively. The new safety controller of innovative concept helps you implement applications without requiring any programming. Add to My Library
Mfg: IDEC Published: 2009 Version: DS9Y-C200-0 44 pages
DATASENSOR SpA, a part of the DATALOGIC group and one of the largest photoelectric sensor manufacturers in the world, has been collaborating with IDEC Corporation. Together IDEC and DATASENSOR provide a com-plete range of high-performance sensors that are easy for customers to install and use. IDEC is known worldwide for bringing reliable and innovative control and automation products and solutions to the market for over sixty years. Add to My Library
Control Automation Short Form Catalog
Mfg: IDEC Published: 1995 Version: C100-1 43 pages
I Built in error detection - for either short or open circuits I High density pushbutton arrays complete with mountin bezel, printed circuit board and connector I Reduces panel space, installation time and maintenance yy This 400 page catalog is the latest addition to the IDEC family and is your com plete source for all your Control Automation needs. Add to My Library
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