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Wallbox Lighting Controls Guide
Mfg: Lutron Published: 2007 Version: P/N 367-1220 Rev B 160 pages
Lutron's first principle is to take care of our customers. The Lutron team is here to support you whenever you need us. Lutron quality is fueled by a relentless pursuit of the highest standards. Constant improvement processes include an integrated quality system, strict engineering guidelines and world-class quality and manufacturing processes. Add to My Library
Colors and Finshes for Lighting Controls & Acc
Mfg: Lutron Published: 2007 Version: 367-949 Rev B 30 pages
gloss finish style products fan controls traditional style products IV, AL, BR, BL IV only Radio RA Home Works wall plates Sivoia QED color palette white (WH) black (BL) ivory (IV) wallplates only steel (SS) light almond gray (GR) soft matte finish WH, IV, AL, LA only soft matte Add to My Library
Quantum Light Mgmt Solution
Mfg: Lutron Published: 2007 Version: 367-1321 23 pages
This facility saves over $100,000 each year by managing light with Quantum, solution. Quantum manages electric light and daylight, saving energy and simplifying operations while improving the comfort and productivity of the people in your building. What does Quantum do? Quietly operates shades with low-voltage controls Add to My Library
EcoSystem Light Control Components
Mfg: Lutron Published: 2007 Version: 367-1261 10 pages
EcoSystem allows you to build a light control system as large or as small as required with just a few components, using only the parts you need For more detailed information about these components, contact your Refer to lutron PIN 366-002 for all available model numbers. Example EcoSystem Reflected Ceiling Plan Add to My Library
K-12 Balance LC Light Control
Mfg: Lutron Published: 2007 Version: 367-1219 8 pages
Introducing the Lutron K – 12 Balance LC series light control solution for classrooms. For the fi rst time, improving student performance and saving electricity go hand in hand. It’s more than electricity management—it’s classroom management. A classroom in balance Balance LC light control lowers your electricity costs and creates a better learning environment—at the same time. Add to My Library
AuroRa Lighting Control
Mfg: Lutron Published: 2007 Version: 367-1128 6 pages
Discover the benefi ts of AuroRa wireless lighting control. Pre-programmed to work right out of the box. Press a button—create a safe path The AuroRa® system installs as quickly and easily as fi ve light switches. Your system comes complete, ready to use, no programming required. Simply replace switches with AuroRa dimmers, then, for remote control of your lights, plug in the tabletop master control and clip the wireless controller to the car visor. Add to My Library
Quantum Green Glance
Mfg: Lutron Published: 2007 Version: # 367-1381 3 pages
Green Glance is software for the Lutron Quantum solution that displays the lighting energy savings of your building. Average lighting energy saved over user-selected period User-selectable time periods for lighting energy display User can select pre-defi ned spaces User interface and features are subject to change. Add to My Library