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Advancing Security Technology
Mfg: Napco Published: 2009 Version: GSA GS-07F0039H 44 pages
In addition to being affordable, and allowing installs in as little as fifteen minutes, iSee Video adds real value for your account’s peace-of-mind and convenience. Easy plug and play installs - no software applications to install on computer or web enabled cellphone (supports all brands and browsers). Add to My Library
Interactive Remote Services
Mfg: Napco Published: 2013 Version: 2013catalog 40 pages
Napco Security Technologies, Inc. has a long heritage solely dedicated to developing innovative technology and reliable security solutions for the professional security community, including popular Gemini intrusion and fire systems, StarLink Today, Napco technologies protect millions of people, businesses, schools, hospitals & residences around the world. Add to My Library
The New World of Security
Mfg: Napco Published: 2011 Version: A402J 40 pages
Napco has a long heritage in the professional security community, dedicated to developing innovative technology and reliable security solutions and, including some of the industry’s best-known brands, such as Napco Security, Continental Access, Alarm Lock and Marks is ISO9001:2000 Certified and subscribes to a rigorous quality management system. Add to My Library
Security Products
Mfg: Napco Published: 2007 Version: A402F 40 pages
Caribbean, and Dubai, its products are sold and installed by tens-of-thousands of security professionals, from security dealers to locksmiths to systems integrators. Freedom is designed to 100% eliminate the number one source of false alarms—exit/entry delays. The latest generation, F64, includes a remarkable talking, code-free custom alpha multifunction touchpad with built in UL siren, UL Pet PIR and wireless receiver along with a downloadable 64 zone hybrid control with up to 4 partitions. Add to My Library
Alarm Lock Access Lock Solutions
Mfg: Napco Published: 2014 Version: ALA112R 28 pages
Both lines feature keyfob and remote button support; plus free Windows-based software and models for every application & budget. All Trilogys feature the same rugged dependability, tool-free keypad programming and unsurpassed long battery life, with cylindrical models boasting Grade 1 BHMA certification. Add to My Library
Creating innovative Technology
Mfg: Napco Published: 2005 Version: A492 12 pages
Clavier à affichage numérique à deux lignes de 7 segments d’une grande clarté Caractéristiques ajoutées du clavier anglais intégré GEM-K4RF avec récepteur radio 32 points intégré : Grosses touches à effleurement rétroéclairées avec tonalité, y compris touches classiques Interior et Instant Indication de l’intensité du signal du transmetteur sans fil Add to My Library
Continental CA3000
Mfg: Napco Published: 2013 Version: A460D 6 pages
Track and report in and out card reads for individuals or groups. Easily capture employee images, add custom text and graphics, create custom card layouts and print ID cards or credentials with magnetic stripes, barcodes, smart chips and/or holographic images with advanced WYSIWIG virtual badge viewer. Add to My Library
Ibridge Home Cotrols and Interactive Services
Mfg: Napco Published: 2013 Version: A616. 4 pages
view local and remote video; get email alerts & video clips on smart devices, PC or touchscreen. Devices can be manually activated, locally or remotely, and set to respond with custom scenes, schedules or occupancy, ie, when a room is entered lights light, temperature is increased, etc.(even when the system is disarmed.) Add to My Library
Commercial Gemini Protection
Mfg: Napco Published: 2011 Version: A399A 4 pages
When it comes to protecting your business, why settle for anything but the best? the size of your business, Gemini provides comprehensive security, fire & and optional access control Scalable Commercial Intrusion and Fire Alarm Systems Napco Gemini offers a comprehensive line of hardwire/ wireless security systems ranging from 8 to 255 zones, archived time-/ date-stamped video stored for you. Add to My Library
Commercial Firewolf Systems
Mfg: Napco Published: 2013 Version: A619 4 pages
Napco’s commercial intrusion components integrate seamlessly as an Optional part of FireWolF Systems Gemc-Bm/pS Security Module with 12V power supply; isolates the 4 wire bus for keypad and addressable security devices. Provide independent burg output, battery charger and power Gemc-Bm Intrusion Module; provides the 4 wire address-able loop for keypads and addressable devices (limited power for devices) Gemc-BSlc provides the addressable loop for address-able intrusion devices Add to My Library
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