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Electrolytic Capacitors
Mfg: Panasonic Published: 2014 Version: 2014.10 80 pages
The capacitor shall be subjected to application of the D.C. voltage with full rated ripple current at +105 °C for 10000 hours. After storage for 1000 hours at +105 °C±2 °C with no voltage applied and then being stabilized at +20 °C, capacitors shall meet the limits specifi ed in Endurance. Design and specifi cations are each subject to change without notice. Add to My Library
Electronic Materials Solutions
Mfg: Panasonic Published: 2014 Version: EMAA0001 56 pages
2. Light reflectance is kept at 85% or higher in a 150°C environment 3. Light reflectance is kept at 90% or higher even in a high-temperature environment with UV light The comparison in the amount of light flux after 1000 hours or more under 150℃ environment The above data is actual values and not guaranteed values. Add to My Library
Inverter Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Products
Mfg: Panasonic Published: 2014 Version: 77750 CS4_1118 20 pages
Use of the AHRI Certified™ mark indicates a manufacture's participation in the certification program. Because its products are subject to continuous improvements, Panasonic reserves the right to modify product design and specifications without notice and without incurring any obligations. ©Copyright 2012, Panasonic Air Conditioning Products. Add to My Library
Device Product Catalog
Mfg: Panasonic Published: 2014 Version: 2014.7 17 pages
Panasonic is accelerating its BtoB activities in all elds of business. And spearheading those activities is the Automotive & Industrial Systems Company.* Panasonic has cultivated extensive product development know-how in worldwide markets as a com-prehensive electronics manufacturer. This know-how is not only concentrated in the individual devices supplied by Panasonic, but also used and cross-linked to create the power to shape new solutions. Add to My Library