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OEM Division
Mfg: Southwire Published: 2011 Version: Cat 2011 324 pages
Since 1950, Southwire has grown into North America’s largest wire and cable producer and supplier by offering the broadest line of the highest-quality products. Southwire offers a full line of products for a wide range of applications. Dedicated to technological innovation backed by experience means Southwire is always one step ahead expanding its product lines and services to meet the needs of customers. Add to My Library
BICC General Electronics
Mfg: Southwire Published: 2000 Version: IPC-0039-REV0600 204 pages
This new catalog contains in-depth information on the most comprehensive line of electronic wire and cable available today. All information in this catalog is presented solely as a guide to product selection and is believed to be reliable. Now one industry leader focuses its worldwide resources on delivering maximum value to customers. Add to My Library
Cord Products
Mfg: Southwire Published: 2011 Version: CO-CA05 130 pages
As North America’s leading manufacturer of wire and cable, Southwire continues to expand its portable cord, electronics cord and industrial cord products to meet the needs of electrical contractors, industrial companies and original equipment manufacturers. Southwire’s product variety, combined with its ability to manufacture both rubber and TPE products, makes Southwire’s cord product line the most comprehensive offering available today. Add to My Library
Equipment Wiring
Mfg: Southwire Published: Version: 107 pages
Conductor temperatures not to exceed 105°C in dry locations when rated AWM and T fn Southwire Type TFN conductors may be used as fixture wire and as permitted for fire protective signal circuits as specified in the National Electrical Code at conductor temperatures not to exceed 90°C or 105°C when used as AWM. Add to My Library
BICC General Building Wire
Mfg: Southwire Published: 2000 Version: BW-0015-REV0500 84 pages
This catalog contains in-depth information on the most comprehensive line of building wire and cable products available today. There's also a numerical part number index and a glossary of technical terms for additional assistance. Our products are readily available through a network of stocking distributors and our regional distribution centers. Add to My Library
Industrial Cable 600 Volt
Mfg: Southwire Published: 2010 Version: 600V-CA02 66 pages
Since 1950, Southwire has been on the move, growing and evolving into North America’s largest building wire producer and supplier. With innovation backed by experience, Southwire leads the industry with the broadest line of wire and cable products, from copper and aluminum MC cable to industrial power cable and utility products. Add to My Library
High Voltage Power Cable
Mfg: Southwire Published: 2007 Version: Rev 6 65 pages
High Voltage Solutions Conductor material and size: The choice of the conductor material, copper or aluminum, is a matter of both customer preference and required current carrying capacity. For larger loads, copper will be your most common option. When both copper and aluminum conductors can meet you requirements, the more economical solution will be a function of the metal and the cable components costs in effect. Add to My Library
Metal Clad Cables
Mfg: Southwire Published: 2009 Version: MC-CA09 62 pages
Southwire provides the broadest line of metal clad (MC) products for a wide range of applications. And, while other suppliers provide either copper or aluminum MC cable, Southwire offers both in a full range of MC and AC cables for every commercial and industrial construction requirement. Southwire’s MC and AC cable products simplify installation, plus they lower total installed cost over pipe and wire. Add to My Library
Mega MCxxl Install and App Guide
Mfg: Southwire Published: 2007 Version: V4 6.30.07 56 pages
Using Type MC cable, contractors can install multiple conductors with professional-looking, owner-satisfying appearance in less time than it takes to hang empty conduit. MC cable delivers up to four conductors up to 1000 kcmil plus a ground wire in a tough, flexible aluminum armor. A typical MC cable installation requires only five steps, where comparable conduit applications require 14. Add to My Library
Mfg: Southwire Published: Version: 54 pages
are available today through southwire. Manufactured to the highest industry standards, these quality cord products are backed by southwire’s commitment to responsive customer service and support. CoRd Some typical applications include wiring for industrial machinery, washing machines and various other large appliances, heavy-duty tools, motors and temporary electrical power and lighting installations for construction sites Add to My Library
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