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Holophane Outdoor Product Catalog
Mfg: American Electric Published: 2009 Version: HL-2151 64 pages
All of these are ingredients for lighting products that stand the test of time. Behind this is the design of the product, the underlying function that requires the insight of designers and engineers to make the best practical determinations before the product is actually utilized; ultimately, that is what sets Holophane lighting products apart from the rest. Add to My Library
DarktoLight Photocontrols
Mfg: American Electric Published: 2009 Version: 1382.040 12 pages
and around the world Dark to Light (DTL) is known as the industry leader in providing high-quality, cost-effective electronic photocontrols to utility, commercial and municipal customers. More utilities specify Dark to Light than any other brand of photocontrol for their superior performance and reliability. Add to My Library
Induction and eHID Roadway
Mfg: American Electric Published: 2009 Version: 1315.54 2 pages
AEL continues to usher in the electronic era of outdoor lighting with three exciting additions to its line – the Series 125 induction luminaire and the Series 115 and CVM electronic HID luminaires. Carefully integrated with energy-efficient electronic platforms, these three quintessential AEL products now offer improved optical quality, reduced energy consumption and longer system life. Add to My Library