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Contract and Residential Interior Decorative Lighting
Mfg: Classic Lighting Published: 2005 Version: Catalog 5005 308 pages
Being a prime source of "classic" lighting styles, we always strived to bring to the marketplace decorative styling from years past but made functional and safe by meeting all the latest UL standards thus the perfect union of old world charm with today's latest technology. In this catalog we bring you more historically conceived lighting but modernized to meet the more carefree lifestyles and decorating schemes. Add to My Library
Buckingham Catalog
Mfg: Classic Lighting Published: 2010 Version: Catalog 5410 84 pages
Trimmed with Pius 30% lead Sw arovski Sp the Terragona radiate a look sophistication. workmans hip solid brass fixtures Black as shown wall 52" series boasts a broad of fixtures ranging bracket high to the large 38" foyer chandelier. Just a touch sets off the resign Soft, of antique detail accents. Add to My Library
Classic Crystal Collections 2
Mfg: Classic Lighting Published: 1993 Version: Catalog 3093 48 pages
he word Classic has almost become synonymous with Crystal. unusual since Classic was founded in 1972, began operations in 1973 and has been handling crystal for over 20 years. Our first imported line of chandeliers was the Barcelona series, bronze and crystal, which is still offered and appears in this catalog. Add to My Library
Classic Collections
Mfg: Classic Lighting Published: 1993 Version: Catalog 3193 47 pages
31, 19931n an automobile accident In which he was a passenger. Oulque and Joey were like brothers. II is only fitllng thaI we honor him lor his accomplishments in this catalOg lor which he had worked Oul the layout prior to hiS unllmely demise. The folloWing coIlectlOfls were developed by Joey: ENGLEWOOD, CLOSTER. Add to My Library
Via Veneto Strass Golden Teak
Mfg: Classic Lighting Published: 2006 Version: Catalog 5106 40 pages
Spanish castings offered in six attractive finishes. See catalog 5005 pages 50-61 for more frame options and for Crystallique trim style. Strass® Golden Teak crystal trim has been added to this series of heavy chased Spanish brass castings with 24% lead crystal columns and bobeches offered in four finishes. Add to My Library
Iberian Collections
Mfg: Classic Lighting Published: 2007 Version: Catalog 5207 40 pages
Less is more. This first grouping utilizes a light, subtle touch of accent crystal enabling one to focus on the magnificent designs of the brass castings in three popular finishes. 2 Solid brass castings from Spain and Italy, Spanish craftsmen doing what they do best, top quality popular finishes – the perfect formula for a majestic line of old world family of chandeliers. Add to My Library
Classic Lighting
Mfg: Classic Lighting Published: 1992 Version: Catalog 2892 36 pages
comb ined with white ceramics to give In alternative to all brass. The neutral lones and polished brass finish blend in with all decorating schemes. E xquisite Solid Brass frames with heavy gauge t6mm tubing amlS with cast breaks give this series a massive rich look. These single and double tier chandeliers are perfect for low ceilings. Add to My Library
Classic Maria Theresa Residential Commercial
Mfg: Classic Lighting Published: 1993 Version: Catalog 3393 32 pages
This type of chandelier made iLS first appearance in Auslriaduring her reign. Smce then Ihl5 type of chandelier has been known as a "Maria Theresa". It is \videly accepted throughout the world as a traditional crystal chandelier design. Maria Theresa chandelier appears as if il is made entirely of glass, but actually has a sturdy sleel frame. Add to My Library
Via Veneto Black
Mfg: Classic Lighting Published: 2007 Version: 070621 Flyer 28 pages
- - 1'1111 ndl iOal< is IIChieved by combining -CAdd to My Library
Catalonia with Crystal
Mfg: Classic Lighting Published: 2008 Version: Supplement 5308 16 pages
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