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Full Line Catalog
Mfg: Rectorseal Published: 2009 Version: August 41 pages
Take full advantage of our online catalog by following these helpful tips: This icon will take you to the table of Contents. Each page of the catalog is represented by a thumbnail. Simply click on the page you would like to visit and that page will load This icon enables the search functionality of the catalog. Add to My Library
Metacaulk Product Catalog
Mfg: Rectorseal Published: 2014 Version: E - F-14 24 pages
Metacaulk® Firestopping products is speci cally designed to ll voids in construction joints and around penetrations in re-rated walls or oors. Many have intumescent properties and expand when exposed to heat, forming a high-strength insulating char. Technological Development In 1995, an on-site re test laboratory was built for the purpose of conducting UL witnessed burns for through-penetration and construction joint assemblies. Add to My Library
Wire Pulling Tools
Mfg: Rectorseal Published: 2010 Version: E-F-10 16 pages
StrongArm Cable Puller is not only incredibly strong, it’s amazingly easy to set up and use. It takes up only 42” of space when folded, yet can extend beyond 10’ to meet the demands of underground or overhead pulls. StrongArm folds for easy handling & storage with an easy to use hinged frame. Self-positioning base requires no anchoring for most pulls. Add to My Library
Metacaulk Firestopping Solutions
Mfg: Rectorseal Published: 2007 Version: G-H-07 August2007 12 pages
I 0.3 20.2 ot. oz. Cartridge oz. Cortrldge I Gollon Ul Clossifted systems up to � hours ASTM E 81 �. Ul 1 �79 & Ul 2079 Standards Excellent Freeze- Thaw Highly Intumescent For interior Available in AST M E 81 � (Ul 1 �79) ASTM E 1966 (Ul 2079) • Highly • Non-sagging. Ec onom ical • Water-Based Add to My Library