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Switch Rated Ind Plugs and Receptacles
Mfg: Meltric Published: 2006 Version: 121505A 188 pages
The technology behind Meltric's products was developed specifi cally to address the shortcomings and safety hazards common with pin & sleeve type plugs and receptacles. In 1952, following the observation of an accident with a pin and sleeve device, Gilles Marechal devised the concept of combining the advantages of silver-nickel butt contacts and the load making and breaking capabilities of a switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle. Add to My Library
Safety Guide
Mfg: Meltric Published: 2006 Version: 060506 C 12 pages
National Safety Council statistics show that electrical injuries still occur in US industry with alarming frequency: 30,000 electrical shock accidents occur each year Although electrical shock accidents are frequent and electrocu-tions are the fourth leading cause of industrial fatalities, few are aware of how little current is actually required to cause severe injury or death. Add to My Library
Power Generation
Mfg: Meltric Published: 2006 Version: # 061005B 12 pages
Meltric’s DECONTACTOR™ Series products combine the safety and function of a switch with the convenience of a plug & receptacle. They are UL & CSA rated for ‘motor circuit’ and ‘branch circuit’ switching and are approved NEC ‘line of sight’ disconnects. Key features, including silver-nickel butt style contacts, enclosed arc chambers, dead front construction and high short circuit ratings, ensure user safety and eliminate the potential for exposure to arc flash or live parts, greatly simplifying compliance with NFPA 70E. Add to My Library