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Core Microminiature for Medical
Mfg: Molex Published: 2011 Version: 987650-6420 16 pages
Molex Core Micro Products of board-to-board, FFC/FPC, microminature wire-to-board and memory card connectors offer long-term availability and support across a wide variety of industries. Molex is making a long-term product commitment to support medical technology innovators as they design equipment to improve our health and save lives. Add to My Library
Perma Seal Terminals and Splices
Mfg: Molex Published: 2011 Version: 987650-6881 6 pages
Perma-Seal™ terminals and splices provide a rugged environmentally sealed connection for wire sizes 8 to 22 AWG. Perma-Seal insulates, protects and seals electrical connections from physical abuse, abrasion, water, salt and other corrosive compounds. Waterproof Adhesive Seal Perma-Seal products are engineered to give you a long lasting, moisture proof connection. Add to My Library
Aero Motive Compact AB Balancers
Mfg: Molex Published: 2011 Version: 987650-4158 2 pages
Compact, ergonomic and cost-effective balancers are streamlined to fit virtually any work space, improve productivity by keeping tools organized and safeguard expensive power tools from possible accidents with superior suspension features Molex’s Aero-Motive® balancers allow workers to move suspended tools or objects up or down with very little effort. Add to My Library
Cord Grips for Wiring Devices
Mfg: Molex Published: 2011 Version: 987650-5851 2 pages
Secure plugs, connectors or multiple outlet boxes with a strain relief cord grip for optimum life with a Woodhead® total solution. T ypical applications include any heavy-duty use Reduces pull-out stress and cord failure at the most critical interface Strengthens the cord and arc from a side pull Add to My Library