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Brad mPm Din Valve Connectors
Mfg: Molex Published: 2013 Version: 987650-8531 48 pages
Conform to industry standard EN 175301-803 (formerly DIN 43650) Find the Latest Innovations and Information at molex.com For the most in-depth and up-to-date information on all our products, visit molex.com. It’s designed to help you get more done in less time with advanced search capabilities, 3D models, product specifications, easy sample ordering and more. Add to My Library
Camera Sockets for Serial and Parallel Data Applications
Mfg: Molex Published: 2013 Version: 987650-9341 7 pages
Accelerate state-of-the-art camera module developments with feature-packed camera socket solutions for serial and parallel data applications The release of the SMIA specification addresses standardization issues and makes multiple sourcing easier design cycles shorter. Molex’s SMIA-compliant sockets come with anti-short housing walls which prevent electrical shorting between socket terminals and base metal shell when mated with camera modules. Add to My Library
Connectors and Adapters
Mfg: Molex Published: 2013 Version: 987650-9012 6 pages
Die-cast adapter housings provide superior shielding effectiveness Safety shutters, which are included, provide dust protection, eye safety and reduce EMI when no connector is installed Available in screw or snap-mount styles for mounting flexibility Available in straight or 45 degree mounting orientation, which allows for lower cable profiles Add to My Library
Wiring Device Selection Guide
Mfg: Molex Published: 2013 Version: 987650-8962 4 pages
37W63 130155-0047 37W62 130155-0046 ... 14W07 130146-0015 15W07 130146-0050 ... V Lock Non-NEMA Non-NEMA L21-30 (same as L22-30) 6-50L2-20 L21-20 20A/3ØY/120V/ ... 24W07 130146-0078 25W07 130146-0092 ... L7-30L7-306-20 20A/250V5-15 15A/125Vckckckckckck1ing 20A/120V/208 1VV L6-305-20 20A/ ... Add to My Library
Mini Fit Plus Connector System
Mfg: Molex Published: 2013 Version: 987650-9312 3 pages
Delivering up to 13.0A, the Mini-Fit® Plus 4.20mm pitch connector system increases power delivery for high-current applications in virtually any industry without increasing design footprints With the launch of the Mini-Fit Plus high-conductive terminal, customers can increase power carrying capabilities while leveraging the extensive Mini-Fit Add to My Library
Terminal Blocks
Mfg: Molex Published: 2013 Version: 987650-9016 2 pages
Locking System Beau™ EuroMate™ Beau™ Eurostyle™ Fixed Mount Terminal Blocks • Current rating: 10.0A • Wire Gauge: 12-30 AWG • Voltage rating: 300V • Circuits: 2-24 • Pitch: 4.00 - 5.00mm • Operating temperature: -40 to +115°C • UL File No.: E48521 • Current rating: 12.0-15.0A • Wire Gauge: 12-22 AWG Add to My Library
Application Tooling
Mfg: Molex Published: 2013 Version: 987650-9331 2 pages
Meets many industry standards where indicated Industry standard bench-top crimp presses Improves output levels over manual tools Provides production flexibility Improve output levels over semi-automatic tools Industry standard applicators provide production flexibility and work in most industry standard wire processors Add to My Library