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Electrician's Levels
Mfg: Dottie Published: 2010 Version: Llevel 2010 8 pages
The patente(I Ultra-Mag Level is setond l·l none with a design package 1hat will meet all contractors' needs. This level llas a bullt-in auto 45-degree angle al one point for quick referencing and perlcct alignment. which can be referenced all sides simultaneously for more sensitive nat surface calibration. Add to My Library
Rod Hanging Brochure
Mfg: Dottie Published: 2008 Version: Brochure 8 pages
The Dottie Rod Hanging System is a one-piece,all steel threaded fastening system for suspending steel threaded rod vertically overhead in pipe hanging,fire protection,electrical conduit and cable-tray applications.It can be installed in a variety of base materials including steel bar joists and beams,wood frame columns and beams,as well as concrete ceilings,beams and columns. Add to My Library
CLC Hand Protection
Mfg: Dottie Published: 2013 Version: LGLOVE 6 pages
Padded synthetic palm material is soft and comfortable to wear. Open cuff design with textured pull-on tab for easy-on, easy-off. Textured fingertip pads provide added abrasion resistance. Padded knuckles for protection against bumps. Stretch spandex back for flexibility and fit. Cold weather insulated for warmth. Add to My Library
Ceiling Solutions
Mfg: Dottie Published: 2010 Version: LCeiling 5 pages
The Dottie Electrical Telescoping Pole Tool is the electrician's pole tool. The unique plug-in heads make it the most efficient tool of its kind. Use it to install ceiling wire, jack chain, threaded rod, smooth rod, and overhead screw installations. Power the pole with any 3/8" or 1/2" drill. Can also be used for overhead screw installation. Add to My Library
Energy Core Alkaline Battery
Mfg: Dottie Published: 2011 Version: LBattery2011 4 pages
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Cable Ties
Mfg: Dottie Published: 2008 Version: Lcableties 4 pages
UL recognized for construction, performance and traceability Manufactured with filtered Nylon 6/6 eliminating particle contamination reducing failures and discoloration Angled tail feature eases initial insertion alignment One piece design, transition rails, and 3 tooth pawl provide a low insertion force while maintaining a high tensile strength Add to My Library
Chemical Product Comparison
Mfg: Dottie Published: 2008 Version: LChemical 4 pages
Equal to the competition but without Prop65 chemicals. Made with sulfur-free extreme pressure additives and high viscosity oils, this water-based cutting oil is low odor and is not classified as extremely flammable or flammable according to 16 CFR 1500.45 (Aerosol Flame Propagation Test). At a 45° angle, will spray 20 feet; 2 feet further than Sprayon and 3 feet further than CRC in side by side spraying. Add to My Library
Hand Protection
Mfg: Dottie Published: 2009 Version: LGlove 4 pages
DOTTIE The durability of traditional leather work gloves combined with the advanced materials of high perform-ance dexterity gloves. Keystone Thumb With Gusset Stitching, Neoprene-padded Knuckle, Breathable Spandex Nylon Knit-Nitrile Dipped Gloves (GV21) brings Cut Resistance and Dexterity to the highest level. Add to My Library
Marking Paints & Workplace ID Paints
Mfg: Dottie Published: 2008 Version: LPAINT 4 pages
Act (OSHA) stipulates that industrial plants provide color coded safety equipment and hazard areas. HVAC Colors Color designations are currently used by DuPont® for its refrigerants. Although refrigerant manufac-turers make a concerted effort to select colors to differentiate refrigerant types, color guidelines are not a substitute for reading cylinder labels and makings. Add to My Library
First Aid
Mfg: Dottie Published: 2013 Version: LFIRSTAID 4 pages
Dottie First Aid Kits are Compliant with OSHA/ANSI Standards. and stocked with comprehensive components that meet or exceed your requirements. Supplied in High Quality and Durable Translucent Cases that both Organize and Dispense the materials you will need to Treat Common First Aid Injuries and Conditions. Add to My Library
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